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The goal of Caldwell Market Place is to provide superior food to our customers, both residential and Commercial, at reasonable prices. We specialize in Quality Meats, including a selection of grass fed meats. Prepared foods are cooked daily and are a favorite "pickup" for customers at both lunch and dinner time.

We also have a variety of sandwiches including Subs. Other features are Nicolo's bread, fresh vegetables, Italian Specialties, including a variety of cheeses, pastas, canned foods and much more. We pride ourselves on the quality of our catered foods which include sandwiches, salads and Hot Foods. We strive to exceed our customers expectations in all aspects of their food experiences.
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5 Park Avenue Caldwell, NJ 07006
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Cloverleaf Tavern

Cloverleaf on Bloomfield Avenue gets great feedback from their customers on all of their food, particularly on their burgers. Their chopped meat is provided by Caldwell Market Place! We're happy to have the opportunity to team up with other local businesses to serve the community. Please take a look at the video to view the process.